Young Adult Therapy in Eugene Oregon, Dr. Markham Giblin

Young Adult Therapy in Eugene Oregon with Dr. Markham Giblin, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I work both with adolescents and with adults, and frequently the lengthy transition from one life stage to the next. One of the things that I most enjoy in my work is accompanying young adults as they transition out of high school to their first real job or career, or into and out of college. I often help my clients narrow down a direction or redirection when questioning of one’s academic path or other life direction occurs. There are many changes and challenges during this time. My goal is to help you learn to balance all of the spheres of life (work, play, relationships, self-care, learning) during this time of growth and opportunity.

I work best with clients who are driven and highly motivated to make lasting changes. Therapy with me often includes homework assignments as I ask my clients to practice the skills we are working on between sessions. I supply the coaching, you put in the hours and effort of training.

My young adult clients are balancing these transitions while negotiating anxiety disorders, panic disorders, social anxiety, OCD, Test anxiety, and mood disorders to name a few. Some need help managing Tics, Tourette’s or Trichotillomania. Most have relationship concerns and benefit from learning stress management techniques.

My approaches are largely based upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), though I often blend in other approaches (mindfulness, ACT, motivational interviewing and so on) for an individualized treatment plan. I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP or Exposure Therapy) for OCD.

My Eugene office serves clients from all nearby communities including Eugene, Springfield, Creswell, Cottage Grove, Veneta, Elmira, Junction City, Monroe, Lowell, Dexter, Marcola, Pleasant Hill, Oakridge, Coburg and surrounding communities in Oregon.

Please call my office at 541-738-6516 if you are interested in learning more about my practice.