Eugene Oregon Counseling Office Directions

Giblin Consulting, Inc. is the Eugene Oregon out-patient psychology practice of Dr. Markham Giblin, Licensed Psychologist

Office Location:
492 E. 13th Ave, Suite #202 (for mailing, Suite #201)
Eugene, OR 97401

Office phone: (541) 738-6516

My office is in The Wilcox Building (adjacent to the former home of Bijou Arts Cinema), on E. 13th Ave between Mill and Ferry streets. It is near bus lines and has a dedicated parking lot for more compact/shorter length vehicles. The driveway will be on your right just before the building when you are traveling on 13th street. You will see the reader board sign. (If you pass Ferry St you have gone too far.) Please pull all the way forward in your parking spot so that other vehicles may pass by and back up without hitting your vehicle. At times the lot will be full and you may need to park on the street up to a few blocks away. Marked curbside spots are more able to accommodate larger/longer vehicles. Note that street parking is largely limited to a 2 hour period per day in the outer U of O campus area.

There is bike parking in the lot, next to the hair salon on 13th, across the driveway from our building.

Please enter through the front door facing 13th street. It is the one on the left.

Once inside the building, please climb the stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, make an immediate 180 degree turn to your left. Enter the door accessing several suites. Please have a seat on the bench; I will call you back when I am ready to start our session. I may be in session or taking a phone call when you arrive. Please do not knock on the door.

Walls are thin in this 100+ year old building. Sound proofing is via white noise machines. Please turn off your cell phone and keep voices low and talking to a minimum so that other therapists and clients cannot hear you during session. Thank you for your consideration.

Office phone: (541) 738-6516



Our Eugene Office serves clients from all nearby communities, including Eugene, Springfield, Creswell, Cottage Grove, Veneta, Junction City, Monroe Pleasant Hill, Oakridge, Lowell, Dexter, Marcola, Coburg, Santa Clara, Elmira, and surrounding areas.
Our number is: (541) 738-6516.